JMeter - parallel execution with CSV as dataset

  • What I am trying to accomplish => Run 50 threads in parallel using a CSV file as the dataset.

    Here's how the CSV looks like (Let's say there are 50 records):





    user50, password50

    In JMeter, when I run my test case, each thread will consume 1 record of the CSV file in parallel. By that I mean, Thread 1 takes the first record (user1,password1), Thread 2 takes the second record (user2,password2), until the last record (50 in this example). And all of that happens at the same time.

    I am still new to JMeter and I would like to know if this is something that is "doable" through this tool. If it is possible, your help is greatly appreciated! 🙂

  • This is possible using CSV Data Set Config element. It reads the data row by row and username and password can be assigned to each thread. You can use the values with following syntax

    Username ${Username}
    password ${Password}
    Also please note that you do not have to define the variable names in the CSV Dataset Config Element as you have them in the first row of the CSV file.

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