How to export single API request with body in Postman so it can be imported

  • Postman can export whole collections, and also single requests.

    I'd like to export just one request, so I can send it as an example to somebody else who can import it in their Postman via (possible Raw Text?):

    enter image description here

    Normally, I'd use cURL format which is supported even for imports within Postman. But there's also issue #7895 that seems to block this option or to be more precise, it won't import request body, which is exactly what I need at the moment.

    When I go into a request in Postman => code, there are many options, but it seems that the only option also suitable for imports is cURL. Postman can't import requests written in a programming/scripting language, so all other options here are out of the question (yes, I've tried HTTP, but that's not a supported format for imports either).

    Having said that, is there a way I can import a single request with body data in Postman?

    My Postman version is 7.16.0 (x64) for Windows OS.

  • There is no direct option to export a single request from Postman.

    You can create and export collections. Here is a link to help with that.

    Regarding the single request thing, you can try a workaround. I tried with the RAW body parameters and it worked.

    What you can do is,

    1. In your request tab, click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of your request panel/box. enter image description here

    2. Select Code. This will open Generate Code Snippents window. enter image description here

    3. Copy the cURL code and save it in a text file. Share this with who you want to. enter image description here

    4. They can then import the request from the text file. enter image description here

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