How to Automatically Test Statistic Data Which is not Aggregated in Real Time

  • I want to write automated e2e / functional / acceptance tests for a statistic service which calculates the numbers only once a day.

    For the tests I need to make sure that I know which numbers the test should expect.

    I have one option in mind: Create an endpoint which calculates the data before running the expectations. Downside: This would introduce extra logic into the app only for the tests.

    Do you have more / better options? Or am I on the wrong path, should I only care about numbers - but not exact numbers in the e2e tests - and cover the real numbers on a different test level?

    Thanks a lot for your ideas / thoughts.

  • I hope I understand your question correctly. You have a system that looks something this:

    • Input data sources
    • Scheduled task to calculate a statistic
    • Output store for scheduled task results
    • A way to see the output, maybe a user interface

    A test that verifies that process could look like

    • Prep fixed input data
    • Trigger the calculation process
    • Verify the output in the user interface

    I have some systems that use scheduled tasks in Windows todo calculations:

    • We added a schedule service HTTP end-point to trigger the calculation
    • The windows tasks uses a script to call the HTTP end-point
    • Our tests use the same HTTP end-point to trigger the schedule
    • We manual test that windows scheduling system works once

    Some notes

    • Test most of the calculations in lower level tests (unit/component tests)
    • In the end-to-end test maybe only check the totals, not the details
    • I like to extend applications to make it more testable, having some end-points only used by tests is not a bad thing. In this case we could also add a button to the user-interface to trigger the schedule. Maybe users might also like that.

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