How expected condition 'isClickable' works in Protractor

  • I am trying to click a button as defined below:

    <button _ngcontent-xjt-c6="" class="ef-ui-btn-inline-sm ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-button-icon-only" icon="pi pi-chevron-right" id="select-file-button" pbutton="" type="button" ng-reflect-icon="pi pi-chevron-right">
      <span aria-hidden="true" class="ui-button-icon-left ui-clickable pi pi-chevron-right"></span>
      <span class="ui-button-text ui-clickable">ui-btn</span>

    If I try just click, everything works fine. The button gets clicked:;

    I am getting an element not clickable exception when using the code below though:

    let condition = await EC.elementToBeClickable(element);
    await browser.wait(condition, 5000, "Not available for click within 5sec");

    Could someone explain why the expected condition is not able to tell that the element is clickable?

  • Can you try one of these and let us know. Since you are unable to click on the element.

    1. use - browser.executeScript()
    2. or use actions command , move to the button and then click (I know this sounds weird, but please try once).

    Some reference URL:



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