Test Entry Criteria for a User Story

  • Context : A team working in agile , on an complex Front end Application.

    Question:How an team working in agile come up with a definition of common guiding "entry criteria" for testing to decide when user stories should be rejected right away when not meeting the basic conditions without performing any further testing.

  • Agree on the basic conditions for criteria for all stories.

    This 'meta' conversation needs to be had. It doesn't arise of its own accord, not being related to a ticket.
    This is where leadership (at all levels) comes in.
    Take charge of the situation, organize the meeting, get an agreement and then live by it.

    The result of this is that future discussions can now be about the agreement, if its being met, if it needs to be changed, rather than trying to raise an issue about any given particular story.

    Making something up, it could be:

    • initial data state required
    • user taking action
    • expected result
    • happy and sad cases


    Make sure the Behavior of users is the Driver of the Development process

    See also https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/agile/user-stories for Mike Cohn's take on user stories

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