Is paid Apple Developer Account needed to run Selenium Appium Automation tests?

  • So I am working on a project which comprises of the software web application, built on Python 3.7.

    Currently, it supports pc and mac platforms only with various browsers, and we have automated it using Python-Selenium-Behave.

    Now, we are making this application mobile responsive so that it can work on Android as well as iOS platforms, primary tablets in their native browsers (Android-Chrome, Apple-Safari). To automate it, we have updated our framework to work with Python-Selenium-Behave-Appium.

    Problem is, we are able to run tests on virtual devices using Android Studio and Xcode. But when we try to run them on real devices (Apple iPad/iPhone) then we are getting the error that "Apple Team ID is required".

    I have researched over the internet and found that we'd have to enroll ourselves in Apple Developer Account (Paid - $99/Year) to get the Apple Team ID!

    So in a nutshell, the question is, "Do we need to enroll ourself in Apple Developer Paid Account with $99/year so that we can run our selenium-appium automation tests on real Apple Devices?"

  • Yes, you need apple developer ID , to build and deploy your project using Xcode on your real iOS device.

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