How can I make a smooth transition from being a Black-Box Tester to an expert Automation Engineer?

  • I have worked as a functional, black-box tester for over 8 years in the Software Industry. I am a skilled exploratory tester and have found a lot of critical problems in many products over the years.

    I have been appreciated for my exploratory skills. I use heuristics to guide my test design and have been a reading a lot on the Context-driven school of testing.

    However, I have never used such tools to aid my testing. I am still using old techniques to test.

    Now, I see my value is declining. Organisations now want to hire technical testers that can write automation frameworks in Selenium webdriver, Java/python and CI/CT tools etc.

    I know the basics of core java and a bit of selenium. Also, I am 30 plus, and I have seen that my motivation, drive to learn and remember has decreased drastically.

    How can I make a smooth transition to become a Technical tester or SDET in the next year?


  • Quote:- If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.

    Automated testing requires more discipline compared to manual, Learning automation is not difficult but it requires a focused and planned approach. Keep this in your mind Cheating is acceptable in automation if you understand what you are doing. As you have more than two months to finish this year Follow these steps in the mentioned order.(Assuming 2-3 hours of study per day)

    1. Go to any free learning website, pick a language and start learning it. You should be done with the basics of that language within 10–15 days.
    2. Do some practice to gain concept on hackerrank, Geeks4geeks...etc. It should take another 7–10 days to get you comfortable with it.
    3. Now you know the basics of a programming language and can fairly do stuff using it like string manipulation, searching, sorting... etc.(Trust me if you reach to this stage, you are 80% done!!!)
    4. Download an IDE for Java(In your case) & Get familiar with it. It should take you another 1–2 days to get the basics of IDE.
    5. Now start to learn selenium. Don’t go in detail just understand the high level of it. Quickly skim through the content. Integrate selenium in your IDE. Should take 1 day.
    6. Now choose any demo website of your choice(which you know best).
    7. Now use StackOverflow or sqa.stackexchange to set-up the basic structure of code for selenium web driver in your IDE.
    8. Start automate login page only try to automate everything which you can do manually for the page. Don’t do anything other than this. Keep it simple, make it work if errors come up debug it. Once it starts working go through each and every line of code you have written for this and try to understand its need and importance. Devote 7–15 days for it in beginning.
    9. Take a break. Feel Happy and move to the next page. Keep implementing things & google wherever you are stuck and keep learning. Even most experienced Automation tester google very small things.

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