To test or not to test something before release to a production?

  • Is it ever OK not to test something before release to a production? What a scenario can be, when testing could not be necessarily before releasing the code?

  • Yes, there are situations where you can release to production without testing.

    Lows Risks:

    • Production systems with users that can miss the systems for a couple of days, might want to recieve features without testing.
    • Small code changes estimated to be very low risk

    Money risks:

    • Contract deadlines which could kill your company


    • Having no manual testing environment, leading to we test in production situations. Personnaly I do not like testing environments, I would rather test safely in production with feature toggles, but you need 100% test automation, which does not cover the broad term testing.

    A/B testing:

    • Some companies have a continuous deployment pipeline which deploys new features first to a small set of users and then montiors behaviour and does automated rollbacks if needed.

    Feature Toggles:

    • Feature toggles hide un-tested functional features from most users, so key stakeholders can play with the features, eg test it 🙂

    Define testing:

    • Skipping functional testing: Deploy new features which have good unit-test coverage, which had a code-review to production, it works, but could have functional issues. So you could skip functional testing.
    • Skip load testing: We will tackle load issues as they arrise mindsets.
    • Skip automated testing: ...

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