What are the good non technical books every professional tester must read which helped on projects?

  • I am looking for non - technical (non IT) books recommendations which are a must/good read for any professional tester which will help him to think/communicate more effectively as a tester.

    The books which comes off the top of my head are-

    1). Sherlock Holmes detective books: To learn the ability to deduce the truth from known/unknown variables in any given situation.

    2).The element of style: To learn brevity in effective writing.

    Please suggest one book at a time with reasoning how it adds value to an tester.


  • QA Engineer

    My favorite 12 from over the past 3 years

    • Servant Leadership In Action - Leadership
    • The Alchemist - Perseverance and Level Two thinking
    • The Obstacle is the way - perseverance, focus
    • The Art of Clear Thinking - see title
    • Being Wrong - see title
    • What everyBody is saying - Body Language
    • Talking to Crazy - tech convos are different, learn why
    • Perfect Sofware and other illusions - see title
    • Work Rules! - work differently
    • Crucial Conversations - see title
    • Dare to Lead - humbleness and bravery

    All of the above have relevance to a tester.

    A good tester is humble, brave, persistent, talks tech, admits mistakes, expects failures, communicates well with the business, thinks of the big picture and provides leadership to all. These personal attributes can be picked up from reading the above books.

    Sorry, I can't do the one book at at a time thing !

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