Does Jenkins essentially function like a package manager for your software product?

  • I'm a relatively new IT Ops guy in a software (web) development company. Recently I deployed a virtual machine on OpenStack, because some developer needs it, and then I installed their application (written by our developers, not third party application) on that newly deployed server using Jenkins.

    So basically, what I did was to install an application automatically on a server using Jenkins. This feels like installing a software on a Linux PC using a package manager like APT in Ubuntu, where everything is handled automatically by the package manager.

    So, is the purpose of Jenkins to function like some automatic software installer? Is Jenkins essentially a package manager?

  • Sorta, but the additional process it does is compilation of the source code (or linking to a jenkins agent that compiles the code). Then it can deploy the finished build to wherever you tell it. This could be just outputting the build to a network share, or it could be sending it to a virtual machine or docker container to run and test for bugs 😄

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