How do you a initialize a new volume without a file system or partition table?

  • I'm using OpenStack and I am trying to provision a compute resource on it. I want that compute resource to attach to a volume. We have three things in play.

    • Volume
    • Compute Resource
    • Mapping/Attachment

    I need something to,

    1. Create a partition table on first mount.
    2. To create a file system (ext4) on first mount.
    3. To initialize the file system with the things I need.

    Does the logic to initialize this volume typically hang out in the cloud-init for the machine? If I initialize it manually, I can mount it using . But without manually installation, how do we instruct user_data to initialize the volume before if necessary before the mount?

    What I'm trying to do is store the .git file for a monorepo on an external shared mount. What I would like is on first boot of the sandbox for that to be ready. On subsequent boots/refreshes, I would just like them to run git fetch so they only pull down what's necessary rather than needing to re-clone.

  • Cloud-init solution

    cloud-init accommodates the partitioning with

        table_type: gpt
        layout: true

    And the corresponding filesystem initialization with

    - label: repo
      filesystem: ext4
      device: /dev/vdb1
      partition: auto

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