Where is this area in Wonder Boy : The Dragons Trap from?

  • A few months ago, I was listening to the music from Wonder Boy The Dragons Trap on youtube. The video contained several screenshots from the game, but this one caught my attention: Screenshot from the game, where the current character is Hawk-man

    Having played the game a lot as a child, I feel I know all the areas of the game pretty well, but I didn't recognize the area in the screenshot. I asked about it in a comment on the video, but it seems the video has since been removed from YouTube.

    I know the game was https://www.thedragonstrap.com/ , with a few new / bonus areas, but the visual effects in the screenshot look more like the original.

    But there are some other odd things: The color of the sky is more purple than in any of the other areas of the game, and there are 7 Elixirs, but the maxium is 3 (IIRC).

    So what's going on here - Is this area actually from the game (original or remake)? Is it from a mod version of the game? Is it just a mock-up picture?

  • My coworker saw my post, and helped figure out where this screenshot was from.

    TL;DR: The screenshot is from a mod/remake of the game.

    Longer version:

    Wonder Boy III : The Dragons Trap was ported to the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TurboGrafx-16 , and the game was rebranded as " https://necretro.org/Dragon%27s_Curse ". Some of the differences include changes to the player-sprites (eg. Lizard-man looks more like a dragon, Hawk-man has blue eyes, Lion-man is Tiger-man) and background images when fighting the boss dragons, but it is essentially the same game.

    The screenshot in the question is from a modded/remade/remixed version of "Dragons Curse". It was made by a modder called Vile1011 and released around 2007. The specific area in the screenshot appears in this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t49THQDUK2I around 3:12 - here's a gif of the scene:

    Gif recording of the scene from the screenshot

    I have found a few reviews of the remake saying that it follows the same overall story of the original, but it is much more difficult to complete than the original.

    I may have found a place to download a playable version of this remake, but I cannot verify it at the moment - once I have tried it out, and verified that it works, I will come back and edit my answer to include the link.

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