XRay for Jira - Equivalent of Scenario Outlines

  • I am trying to translate cucumber into XRay for Jira issues with the right structure. The result should be issues with Test Executions I can run for every example.

    I want to make a test with multiple 'Examples' a-la Scenario Outlines in Cucumber.

    Am I wanting to do Test Sets? A Test Plan?

    Something else? I need an XRay for Cucumber testers intro.

    Example fake Scenario Outline.

    Scenario Outline: Ensure privs restricted
      Given I am logged onto "<container>"
      And I run the priv check
      Then privs are restricted
    | container |
    | rabbit1   |
    | zalenium1 |
    | zalenium2 |


  • Seems XRay fully supports Gherkin and scenario outlines, did you try the documentation?

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