Is better to copy value between DB table or create a reference?

  • I’m at a crossroads, and I don't know which is the best option to choose.

    Let's say I have a Table A which contains addresses and other information. As you can expect lot of rows contains the same addresses (but the other info can be different). Then I have a table B which contains only addresses. Which is the best option:

    1. Remove the address data from table A and add a foreign Key that references the corresponding address in the table B
    2. Keep everything as it is and every time a new row of A is created the address data are copied from table B to A

    Solution 1 let me save space and ensure me consistency since the data are bind. On the other hand if I change a row in table B all the row of A are affected. Moreover I need to change lot of code (e.g. previous code tableA.row[0].address became tableA.row[0].TableB_reference.address), so it can lead to lot of bugs.

    Solution 2 get more DB space since data are duplicated and data can be "corrupted" or became not consistent. On the other hand, if at certain point in time I change a tableB row only the new rows of tableA will be affected, without changing the "old" rows. Moreover, it doesn't require to change lot of code (tableA.row[0].address remains valid code)

    What do you suggest? Is there any different solution?

    Thanks in advice

  • It depends greatly on the purpose of the two tables. For example, if table A is about shops in a city, and table B is about customers in a city, those two addresses are completely unrelated and it wouldn't make any sense to link them. In a different scenario, if table A is about employees of a company, and table B is about the members of the company's football team, then each football player is also an employee and having duplicated addresses is a) redundant and b) prone to data discrepancies.

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