Cannot Unlock Bootloader on Fairphone 4

  • I have been attempting to install /e/ OS on a Fairphone 4 in accordance with these instructions: and I am stuck on Step 6 of Unlocking the Bootloader. No matter what I do, I get results like this when attempting to use the fastboot flashing ... commands:

    ./fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability
    FAILED (remote: 'Unrecognized command flashing get_unlock_ability')
    fastboot: error: Command failed

    I've gone through multiple Troubleshooting guides. None have helped. Here are some of the notable details and things I have tried:

    • I've tried on both MacOS and Windows, the result is the same.
    • I've tried multiple different USB-C cables with both MacOS and Windows.
    • I've tried installing the tools using Homebrew on Mac, then uninstalled, and installed using the official Android Studio process. The result is still the same.
    • I've gone through and switched out the default driver on Windows for the Google one, as recommended here: the result is still the same.
    • ADB works perfectly.
    • The device "lists" perfectly:
      ./adb devices -l
      List of devices attached
      XXXXXXXX               device usb:2097152X product:FP4eea model:FP4 device:FP4 transport_id:14
    • I have done the OEM unlock process.
    • Fastboot can clearly see the device when I boot to fastboot (./adb reboot fastboot😞
      ./fastboot devices
      XXXXXXXX      fastboot
    • Version information in case it helps
      ./fastboot --version
      fastboot version 33.0.2-8557947
      Installed as /Users/XXXXXXXX/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/fastboot

    I'm clearly missing something, but I've gone over the instructions and various troubleshooting guides in detail and I cannot figure out what I missed. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • You are in the wrong fastboot, fastbootd (with the d at the end!) is , what you want is the "real" fastboot also called bootloader.

    Either select "Reboot to bootloader" in fastbootd or reboot the phone with fastboot reboot bootloader.

    Thx @

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