Lean Six Sigma Black Belt™ v/s Green Belt™ Certification

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    Do you wish to learn some amazing business strategies that will help you in building a fantastic career? Do you also wish to learn business techniques and methods to prove an asset to the company? Well, we got a solution as Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course from the top institutes.

    The course provides you with the best techniques and concepts that help you increase the efficiency and quality of the organization you work in!

    The course and training are a possibility for all the candidates who wish to have good career growth along with numerous job opportunities. Let us look at the course and training in detail!

    Six Sigma certifications are very helpful when it comes to building a successful career. The Six Sigma belts represent various levels of knowledge in improving efficiency and quality. Many candidates intend on pursuing green belt and black belt certification because it helps the candidates in demonstrating competency in the area of their expertise, thereby benefiting the organization/ company they work in!

    What is Six Sigma?
    Six Sigma is defined as the set of business management techniques, methods, and strategies that focus primarily on data and statistics. Six Sigma is primarily used in the manufacturing as well as technology sectors. It is used by other industries as well. But technology and manufacturing sectors use it more. The main aim of Six Sigma is to improve the efficiency and capabilities of a company in order to achieve profits and increase consumer satisfaction.

    Six Sigma can help in eliminating defects and increasing the quality and consistency of the organization. Six Sigma is based on a five-step process called DMAIC. This can be broken down as:
    ● Define
    ● Measure
    ● Analyze
    ● Improve
    ● Control

    A Six Sigma certification can help in the development of skills by recognizing and correcting the inefficiency areas. There are various colors of the Six Sigma belts like white, yellow, green, red, black, and master black.

    What is the Six Sigma Black Belt?
    A Six Sigma Black Belt certification is defined as the level wherein the individual has the knowledge and a deeper understanding of the Six Sigma methodology. The individuals holding this Six Sigma certification help in various projects of the companies. They are responsible for supervising, training, and providing mentorship to employees at various levels.

    A candidate having the Six Sigma black belt has the responsibility of assigning tasks to different people in the organization. They follow up with the people having green belt certification, thereby monitoring their progress in different projects. Black belt individuals are also responsible for liaising with senior people. The highest level of Six Sigma certification is the Master Black Belt. A person having the master black belt only supervises the Six Sigma black belts.

    What is the Six Sigma Green Belt?
    A Person acquiring the Six Sigma Green Belt indicates that a person has the skill and knowledge to analyze and solve the problems arising in the company. This improves the processes that a company follows.

    Individuals having Green Belt certification are assigned tasks by the Black Belts. The employees having Green Belt contribute their efforts to the company by analyzing and collecting data. Green belts can supervise and train the Six Sigma yellow belts. Green Belts certification holders can pursue a black belt certification course.

    The major difference between Lean Six Sigma Black belt™ and Lean Six Sigma Green belt™ certification is the former has completed the journey of having expertise in leadership roles, changing management, etc., whereas the latter is just beginning to know and experience leadership roles. A Green belt holder can pursue the black belt. But a Black belt certification holder is already an expert and if he/ she wishes, they can pursue the Master Black Belt.
    Now, let us see how one can achieve the Black and Green Six Sigma belts.

    How to Achieve Six Sigma Black and Green Belts?
    The following are the steps to describe the process of achieving Six Sigma Black and Green Belts. Have a look!

    1. Selecting the Training Program
      If one wishes to take the Six Sigma certification course, the first thing is to select the training program. Go for accredited training. You can apply for the top Six Sigma Green Belt Course and Black Belt training. The course and training will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of several concepts and techniques which can help the individual run the organization efficiently.

    2. Choose the Six Sigma Belt
      As told earlier, there are different colors of the Six Sigma Belt. An individual has to choose which belt he/ she would like to have. Consider the primary factor, i.e., price. Six Sigma Green Belt training certifications are budget-friendly as compared to Black Belt certification courses. If you wish to have expertise in leadership, then Black Belt is best for you. If you wish to experience how the company works and how you can make it work effortlessly, then a Green belt is best for you.

    3. Take the Exam
      Once the course and the belt are decided, the next thing to do is take the examination. The Six Sigma exam comes in the form of multiple-choice, easy-style, and true & false questions. The exam is for 3-5 hours depending upon the level of the test.
      Green Belt and Black Belt Six Sigma certification courses are very beneficial if one wants to learn business management and related techniques and methods. By taking up the course, one can get hands-on experience and can increase the value of an individual in the industry. The chance of career growth and numerous job opportunities is also increased by taking up the Green Belt and Black Belt certification courses.
      Knowledgehut provides you with the best Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training. Apply for these courses and understand deeply how to manage the organization efficiently by solving the inner issues. Apply today for the top courses and pave the way for a better future!

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