Back up officially purchased app as APK (no root)?

  • Version: Android 11

    Context: The app has been de-listed from the Play Store but I have the app installed from an official purchase. I want to move the app to another device.

    I found this but it requires rooting and the "AppMonster" app linked in the accepted answer is no longer available. The discussion also pertains to a very old Android version.

    Is there a newer method available without rooting? I don't want to void my warranty just yet.

  • There are plenty of available specialized on this (also some file managers like Amaze mentioned in Robert's comment on your question cover this as well) – or you could simply use /questions/tagged/adb .

    If you're on Linux (Mac or Cygwin should work as well), my tool Adebar has a fitting script in which can even deal with split APKs, watch out for getapk: when called without parameters it gives you details on its syntax. The script can extract single APKs, or APKs of all system or user-installed apps at once.

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