Transfer recording from Virgin TIVO box to HUMAX Aura Android TV 4K Freeview Recorder

  • We are replacing virgin media with a basic Internet connection and a HUMAX Aura Android TV 4K Freeview Play Recorder. How we we transfer the recordings we have saved on our virgin box.

  • At present this is a collection of my notes, hopefully it will become an answer that is useful to other people.

    The Virgin TIVO box connects to the virgin network with a decicated coaxial connection and runs IP back to the virgin servers seperate from the virgin Internet service. There is a either net socket in the back of the virgin box.

    I can't see any Wi-Fi settings on the virgin menu hence it looks like our box is too old to have WiFi. I have enabled remove control of the box over the local network on the virgin box's setup/network menu.

    Plugged in either net cable,can ping IP address shown on vegin box network connection info page.

    Where can I find my media access key for my Virgin Media TiVo box? Your media access key (MAK) is a code which identifies your TiVo box. If you have more than one box, each will have a unique MAK to identify it on your Virgin Media broadband network.

    To find your MAK:

    1. Using TiVo, go to Home > Help & Settings > System Info > Media Access Key

    2. Enter your TV PIN when prompted - if you haven't set a TV PIN the default is 1234

    3. You should see your 10-digit MAK in the middle of the screen

    install TiVo Desktop on PC

    Seems Vegan TiVo box does not use the same networking as other TiVo boxes.

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