Accessing available app updates in Play Store app through a shortcut

  • It seems that Google is making it more and more difficult for users to check manually for the updates, trying to encourage people to keep automatic updates on. While I don't mind the automatic updates, I do like to see what changes have been done in each update (when the devs are kind enough to mention it), just to be aware when a new feature has been introduced or a bug fixed.

    Currently, these are the steps needed in order to reach the page where I see the available updates:

    1. Open Play Store app
    2. Tap on the User icon
    3. Manage apps & device
    4. Updates available
    5. Pending downloads page

    Ideally, this could all be a one-click operation.

    My launcher, Nova, offers shortcuts to app-specific actions in order to access certain app features or parts directly. Play Store has many listed, but it seems that none is taking you to the newly-introduced Pending downloads page.

    Is there a way to figure out a unique shortcut that would take one to the "Pending downloads" page?

    Thank you.

  • Thanks to @alecxs for pointing me to , that does almost exactly what I need.

    The GPS intent is as follows:

    Action  :
    Package :
    Class   :
    Target  : Activity

    I used to make a link to the Manage Apps & Devices' Overview page, which makes my life easier now.

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