Why is my Minecraft multiplayer world really laggy?

  • Me and my friends have a world, that's kind of like a smp just not a server. We have been playing on it for three and a half months or so and it's always been really laggy. Before we started build our houses and farms, it was always bad but now the host has to leave the world and rejoin so it's a little better, sometimes the host has to leave Minecraft and start it up again.
    This has to stop so I came here, it has gotten to the point where you can't place blocks and it kicks you out of the world.
    If you have the answer please get back to me, and thank you in advance.

  • That really sounds like the PC running the server is having a hard time keeping up.

    Consider upgrading it or switch who hosts the server for somebody that has a better PC. Or, if someone has an old PC lying around, consider using that PC for hosting and only that. It should help performance (since its not running multiple things)

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