How Loop count = -1 works in jmeter

  • Unable to understand how loop count = -1 works in jmeter?

    As per my understanding, when Threads = 2 Ramp up time = 2sec Loop count = 2

    Delay between the threads = 2/2 = 1sec


    At 10:00:00, T1 
       10:00:01, T2

    Since the loop count is 2, same thread (T1/T2) will be executed concurrently.

    This is my current understanding, how will this work when loop count =-1.

    According to me only T1 executes, even if the threads > 1.

    But in the results, i can see other threads used. Unable to understand.

  • Loop Count -1 in Thread Group means that all threads will execute samplers forever

    Having 2 threads with 2 seconds ramp-up doesn't guarantee concurrency because if underlying Sampler(s) response time is less than 1 second you will run into the situation then T1 has already finished its work and was shut down and T2 hasn't yet been started.

    If you want 2 or more threads to execute Sampler(s) at exactly the same moment - consider using Synchronizing Timer

    You can also check out Thread Group/thread start and end times using Log Viewer

    enter image description here

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