If command in selenium IDE

  • By using Selenium ID extension for fireofx (or chrome), I have problems by using "if" command and the !statusOK variable.

    enter image description here

    In particular I get this error:

    verifyElementPresent on id=login-title OK
    echo: ${!statusOK}
    if on ${!statusOK} Failed:
    Unexpected token {

    can someone help me?

  • seems to be a Firefox issue, in this kind there is same issue in another post:

    Browser Version: Check your browser version and when it is the latest one then downgrade the browser version. The reason is, that selenium IDE has ended the support with firefox browser. As one user said "From Version 55 selenium IDE will not support firefox".

    Please check the link within: Selenium IDE type not saving text

    Seems that this describes your issue...Try to use the workaround as described there.

    Same as in github described: Selenium IDE is not compatible with Firefox 55

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