Codeception: test data in annotation - codeception reports undefined variable

  • I've tried to use this style:

    My example test case is this:

     * @example { "groupid": "16789507", "partnerccdid": "31003704" }
    public function getPartnerCcdIdWithGroupId(ApiTester $I)

    When I run this using this command: php codecept.phar run -vvv I only get the following error:

    [PHPUnit\Framework\Exception] Undefined variable: example

    According to, it's a valid JSON. I'm using it the way they explain in the official documentation, all my strings are enclosed in double quotes.

    What am I missing here?

    Thank you

    EDIT: I'm actually trying to use SOAP module and test an API. Just a thought crossed my mind... is this annotation style allowed with the module and ApiTester? Because I can't figure out what else could possibly be wrong.

  • You do not pass in the $example as described in the documentation:

    public function getPartnerCcdIdWithGroupId(ApiTester $I, \Codeception\Example $example)

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