The navigator does not take the url that I indicate to him using Selenium on Python

  • everyone. First, excuse me for my bad English. I will try to go a specific URL but just the browser its open.

    This is my code 1 file:

    from selenium import webdriver
    class Objects:
        def __init__(self):
            self.driver = webdriver.Firefox()
        def open_page(self, url):
            return self.driver.get(url)

    And in my second file I have:

    from Objects.pom import Objects
    driver = Objects()
    base_url = {
        'eci_es' : 'url1',
        'eci_pt' : 'url2',
        'nw_back_rc' : 'url3',
        'wm_back_rc' : 'url4'
    def login():

    But just the browser it's open.

    I will try to use POM

  • When you call driver = Objects(), it will instantiate the browser (self.driver = webdriver.Firefox()).

    But on the second script you just define a function that will call driver.open_page. You will need to call the function itself.

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