How to specify target in the TakesScreenshot interface's getScreenshotAs method

  • On reading the Java documentation of TakesScreenshot interface, it was observed that the method syntax and description for getScreenshotAs are:

    getScreenshotAs(OutputType<X> target)

    Capture the screenshot and store it in the specified location.

    But the example usage shown is:

    File screenshotFile = ((TakesScreenshot) driver).getScreenshotAs(OutputType.FILE);

    How can I specify the target for getScreenshotAs and why do we use OutputType.File and not OutputType< File> ``` ?

    How to interpret this Java documentation? I understood the syntax as:

    getScreenshotAs(OutputType<File> Destination)

    where Destination is:

    File Destination = new File("D:/new.png");

  • Documentation wording:

    Capture the screenshot and store it in the specified location.

    An object in memory is also a valid location. The word location does not only mean a file location on disk. Thus one could argue that the word "location" could reference a object that is returned by the method.

    I do think the documentation is confusing. It could read something like: "Returns a screenshot object of the chosen output type."

    If you want to challenge the documentation create an issue on GitHub.


    The target has to be one of the three OutputTypes.

    The OutputType documentation shows there are three default types for X:

    static OutputType<java.lang.String> BASE64 
    static OutputType<byte[]>   BYTES
    static OutputType<> FILE

    You could also create your own implementation of an OutputType, as Jonrsharpe suggests.

    The syntax is:


    The target is an output-type target, not a target destination. You could argue target might be a confusing name. The method returns either a String, Bytes or a File object containing the screenshot. Afterwards you decide how to store it in a destination.

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