How do you set up specimen files to launch a BDE copy?

  • My job is to create a copy of the OBD that I did. My environment of OBD administration is SQL*Plus. Name of BDE SID=ORCL.

    Now I've got to start it, but I need four specimen files for this D.O., respectively:

    • spfileORCL.ora
    • spfile.ora
    • initORCL.ora
    • init.ora

    When ORCL is initialized, the file init.ora is created and the rest are not.

    What am I supposed to do with these remaining three files to make a good start on ORCL?

    They still need to be created on their own and hand-written in them to build a configuration inside the files, or is there a team like SQL*Plus or SQL that these three files create and link to a certain specimen of the OBD that I want? If there's anything I should put on the command line?

    PS Please explain to me the words, not the reference to the, because there are dark forest answers to such questions, unfortunately.

  • Now I've got to start it, but I need four specimen files for this D.O.

    Copies of OBDdata base instanceOnly one parameter file is needed - spfileORCL.ora (binary), or text initORCL.ora, unless the first one is yet to be established.

    In order to launch a copy of the OBD, it is sufficient to create a copy of init.ora, modify or encryption there:

    $ export ORACLE_SID=ORCL; . oraenv; 
    $ cp init.ora  initORCL.ora # edit
    $ sqlplus / as sysdba

    Connected to an idle instance.

    SQL> startup nomount
    ORACLE instance started.

    Total System Global Area 1071333376 bytes
    Fixed Size 1341312 bytes
    Variable Size 620759168 bytes
    Database Buffers 444596224 bytes
    Redo Buffers 4636672 bytes

    SQL> host ps -ef|grep pmon_ORCL
    oracle 1783 1 0 16:55 ? 00:00:00 ora_pmon_ORCL

    The BDE is successfully launched. Now it's possible to create OBD with CREATE DATABASE (see further).

    The next step is to set up the OBD, described in the same init.ora, quoted by:

    Example INIT. ORA file
    [. ♪ ♪ ]
    NOTE: The values that are used in this file are only intended to be used
    as a starting point. [...]
    You may also consider using Database Configuration Assistant tool (DBCA) to create INIT file and to size your initial set of tablespaces based on the user input.

    I mean, DBCA should be used further to create the OBD. It will carry out all necessary work, including CREATE DATABASE♪ SpfileORCL.ora will be automatically created.

    PS DBCA is better without GUIsilent modefor example ♪

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