To use direct page URL or complete path?

  • My question is which approach is recommended when writing automation test for testing something like filters present on page no.3?

    1. Should I directly use url of page no.3 in my test file and test filters on the same page. Or
    2. Use complete path like open home page , click some button to navigate to page no.2 and then navigating to page no.3 by clicking any link.

    Should I mimic real user experience like whole path or jus url because I already have test scripts written for page no.1 and 2 ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Like a lot of things in life, it depends.

    Both options you lay out will work for test automation. However, what is your overall goal?

    Are you testing a feature that is on one page? If so, you can load that page directly and test that feature. This is what you listed as option 1.

    Are you testing a feature integration point, like a page redirect? Are you testing an end-to-end user scenario? For these, you'll want start at a beginning point and test from there. This is what you listed as option 2.

    Ultimately, you'll probably end up with a mix of these solutions. Some questions to consider are:

    • How much setup do you have to do before the filter is applicable?
    • What is the intent of the filter while considering end-to-end scenarios?
    • How fast do you want your tests to perform?

    For example, if you're testing a travel site and want to book a plane ticket for a specific airline, then option 2 is the better option, since you have to setup a departure date/time, starting airport, ending airport, etc. Once the applicable results are loaded, then you can filter per airline.

    If you're testing an ecommerce site and you want to filter a category by a sub-category, option 1 would be better, since you most likely will know the direct url for the main category page without having to use a search query or menu navigation to get there.

    It really depends on your context and what your test is attempting to assert.

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