What type of tests you should do first?

  • I had this question in a job interview:

    Imagine that you have got a new application. You have never seen it before, it is absolutely new. What types of testing will you do first?

    As far as I understood they mentioned in general functional and non-functional testing but when I said functional (using documentation) they said that I am wrong.

  • Naturally, it depends.

    What types of testing you will do first?

    If you will be working with this product for a long time, you probably will want to focus on understanding its functions.

    The goal here is not to find problems, but to learn in order to improve your mental model of the components of the product.

    There is where Testing Tours, more specifically, feature tours:

    The first one he suggested was the feature tour. In the feature tour, you simply move through the application, getting familiar with all the controls and features you come across. You ask simple questions like, "What's this and what does it do?" This tour works effectively with the one factor at a time (or OFAAT) heuristic.

    With this initial information, you can generate mind-maps, checklists, user stories, test cases, etc.

    From there, your mental model can be used to do risk assessment; which will guide your future testing.

    However, if you will be working for a shorter time, you will probably be guided more by the circumstances.

    E.g., I participated in the Software Testing World Cup 2015, where my team had only 3 hours to interact with a mobile application.

    We naturally did some testing tours, but our strategy was more focused on usability heuristics - according to the instructions from the client - and compatibility problems, since we know about fragmentation problem in Android and that the iPhone app was native, developed in parallel with the Android.

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