Cucumber with and without Rest - Assured. What are the advantages?

  • Currently my team uses Cucumber as a testing framework.

    We need to start testing REST web services. I understood that REST-Assured is one of the leading tools for that.

    1. Can these tools be used in coordination? An example or a link would be great.
    2. If yes, what are the advantages of using Rest-Assured together with Cucumber?
    3. Also I've heard about Serenity. What are its advantages over Cucumber, if any, and is it recommended to use?


  • 1 - Sure.

    Cucumber is a test runner. The goal of this kind of tool is only to execute a suite with certain structure is a certain way.

    Cucumber manages the execution of certain methods according to the matches of .feature files.

    Rest-assure is a library. It abstracts HTTP calls.

    You can add anything under Cucumber step definition methods, including statements with Rest Assured.

    More details here.

    2 - You will be able to abstract HTTP calls due Rest Assured and define scenarios in a BDD fashion.

    3 - Mostly opinion-based; both have a similar learning-curve and features.

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