Selenium WebDriver gives the same window handle across multiple Firefox browser sessions

  • We use different profiles to test different features of our system. If we open new multiple FF sessions (each with it's own profile), Selenium Webdriver only uses 1 window handle identifier.

    (pseudo code below)

    WebDriver driver1 = new FirefoxDriver(Profile1);
    WebDriver driver2 = new FirefoxDriver(Profile2);
    WebDriver driver3 = new FirefoxDriver(Profile3);
    String h1 = driver1.getWindowHandle();
    String h2 = driver3.getWindowHandle(); 
    String h3 = driver3.getWindowHandle(); 

    EVERY ONE of the window handles will be identical, even though these were new sessions with unique profiles. (That is, h1 == h2 == h3 )

    Am I missing something here? I would have thought that the handles would be unique for each window?


  • It shouldn't happen given, at least I cannot reproduce your issue:

    enter image description here

    each time the handle represents an unique GUID structure.

    Consider the following checklist:

    1. Make sure you use thread-safe collections, functions and patterns
    2. Avoid using static fields
    3. Implement thread-local storage pattern at least for WebDriver class instances

    Check out Parallel Tests Execution article for more details and example sample project you can use as the reference.

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