Discontinuation of PID in Ubuntu

  • Please start by cron a few ubuntu server processes, do so (example):

    30 15 28 * team 1
    30 16 28 * team 2

    The challenge now needs to be set out in the same cron, for example, in completing process 1:

    30 17 27 *

    In doing so, process 2 should continue without interruption, the PID process is unknown, they have the same COMMAND (e.g. ffmpeg), i.e. team:

    30 17 28 * killall ffmpeg

    It doesn't work, because it'll finish both trials. Tell me how to solve this problem, thank you in advance!

  • Thank you, everyone, decided to launch these teams from different campers, then the team killall ffmpeg kills the process only of this laser, and the rest work further.

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