How to set up a Testers Guild

  • In our organisation we plan to set up a Testers Guild: a group of test professionals that work in different Scrum teams. We have about 10 teams across the organisation. Most teams have one tester on 5-6 developers.

    The Testers Guild should be a real-world and on-line forum where the test engineers of the different teams meet to share experiences and tips and tricks. I want to avoid that the Guild is only an informal chat group; I think that would not last long and it will have little value for the team members and the overall organisation.

    What is on the agenda of other Testers Guilds out there? What activities do you do? How many times do you meet? How do you keep things interesting over time?

    Thank you all for your answer! We will soon have our first meeting with the members of the guild and all your suggestions will sure be very helpful. I wish I could accept all answers as THE answer, but StackExchange does not allow me.

  • For a QA guild I would consider some of the following:

    • Book clubs
    • Brown Bags
    • Lunch and Learns
    • Demos to non-guild members
    • Rewards, awards and presents
    • Internal Testing Conference Day
    • External Conference Group Outings
    • Bi-weekly meetings on topics of interest
    • Mugs, hats. t-shirts, etc. with QA guild on them
    • Slack channels within the existing workspace (or whatever IM tool)
    • Bullet points that get longer and longer just to see if you are reading this
    • Humor

    As you've already sensed though, without considerable effort, this group will 'fade' over time. In my experience, it essentially requires one or two highly motivated individuals to keep the effort going as "everyone should pitch in to keep it going" just doesn't work. Even if those individuals don't present all the time, they need to have the energy to see out other presenters.

    Note: My most recent experience included setting up a testbusters_guild slack channel!

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