Categorizing defects to identify root cause

  • In my current project, we have a lot of defects 🙂 arising from different areas of the system.

    I would like to go to each defect and associate what is the root cause for that particular bug. Obviously, this is to understand the common areas a defect is coming from and to invest more where needed.

    Do you have any suggestion what could be the lables that I should start with? Since there are about 500 defects, I do not want to make the process and list very complicated.

    I plan to start with:

    • Requirement miss: out of scope.
    • Requirement miss: unclear requirement
    • Test miss: API
    • Test miss: Functional
    • Test miss: Non-functional
    • Test miss: System
    • Process: Release Management (Released without the test, released without documentation)

    Howz this looking? Any other suggestion?

  • There are many different ways to get a list of root causes. And root causes vary on the basis of what we want to accomplish by doing RCA. In my last company, our aim for root cause analysis was to find the origin of the bug (in which phase of SDLC was the defect introduced). So, here are some of the categories that we had:

    1. Requirement Issue (ambiguous/missing/unclear requirement)
    2. Design Issue
    3. Coding Issue
    4. Testing issue
    5. Environment Issue
    6. Deployment Issue
    7. Out of scope (Something that was not part of requirements.)

    NOTE: Getting Testing Issues is a tricky part as most of the stuff goes through testing. But, putting everything on testing squad will defeat the purpose. We also wanted to improve all the checkpoints that existed before the software is pushed to testers.

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