Protractor: Iterate through table <td> and click the link by TEXT

  • Requirement : link is present inside table >td>p>a.

    I want to click on link by TEXT (something like contains(Text))

    Tried: by.CssContainsText("a","Text") . I did not work, as multiple entry with same text is present

    Basically I would like to know "HOW TO ITERATE THROUGH TABLE AND CLICK BY VISIBLE TEXT". Check if passed text is present, if so click that particular link

    <div class="ui-datepicker-inline ui-datepicker ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-helper-clearfix ui-corner-all ui-datepicker-multi ui-datepicker-multi-2" style="display: block; width: 34em;">
    <div class="ui-datepicker-group ui-datepicker-group-first">
    <div class="ui-datepicker-header ui-widget-header ui-helper-clearfix ui-corner-left">
    <table class="ui-datepicker-calendar">
             <td class=" ui-datepicker-unselectable ui-state-disabled ">
             <td class="ui-datepicker-days-cell-over ui-datepicker-current-day ui-datepicker-today" data-year="2018" fare-date="1537813800000" data-month="8" data-event="click" data-handler="selectDay">
             <td data-year="2018" fare-date="1537900200000" data-month="8" data-event="click" data-handler="selectDay">
                <a class="ui-state-default" href="#">26</a>
                <span class="calendarPrice">3795</span>
             <td class=" " data-year="2018" fare-date="1537986600000" data-month="8" data-event="click" data-handler="selectDay">
             <td class=" " data-year="2018" fare-date="1538073000000" data-month="8" data-event="click" data-handler="selectDay">
             <td class=" ui-datepicker-week-end " data-year="2018" fare-date="1538159400000" data-month="8" data-event="click" data-handler="selectDay">
             <td class=" ui-datepicker-week-end " data-year="2018" fare-date="1538245800000" data-month="8" data-event="click" data-handler="selectDay">

    enter image description here

  • You only seem to have one 'a' in the sample table included in your query currently:

    <a class="ui-state-default" href="#">26</a>

    If it helps (and if you have multiple a tags in your DOM), you can try using:

    ArrayList aList = driver.findElements(By.tagName("a"));

    which will give you a 'list' of elements with the 'a' tag, and then use a foreach() to iterate through each element and add a 'getText()' to each.

    Hope that helps. Happy coding!

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