Test for Django REST API framework

  • There is my functional test

    from rest_framework import status
    from rest_framework.test import APITestCase
    __all__ = ['OAuthTestCase']
    class ApiOAuthTestCase (APITestCase):
         def setUp (self):
             User.objects.create_user (username = user_name, password = user_password)
             self.my_message = {
                 'grant_type': 'password',
                 'username': "user_name",
                 'password': "user_password",
                 'client_id': "secret_ket",
                 'client_secret': "clietn_id",
         def test_token (self):
             response = self.client.post (ADDRESS_FOR_TEST, self.my_message)
             self.assertEqual (response.status_code, status.HTTP_201_CREATED)

    When passing this test, error 400 appears. Can you please tell me how to access the response content from response?

  • The content of the response you can access using:


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