How to automate Integration testing of .Net desktop application

  • Hello, I need to implement integration tests for a .Net desktop application that will run after each build. Business logic is tested, a number of scenarios are described that need to be tested. Writing unit tests and trying to freeze all the components is not a very sane idea, you need to test the application. Unit tests are already there. I would like to run tests automatically using Bamboo or Jenkins, write the tests themselves in C #. There was an idea to use Jmeter, but there is only java. Can you please tell me if there is any tool for implementing integration tests for .net, some kind of JMeter analog? How correct is it to implement integration tests using MSTest or NUnit? How to properly launch the required environment for testing?

  • I have used White Framework for automating .net desktop applications. That's a good tool that you can add as a reference to your c# test project. MSTest, NUnit, xUnit are just frameworks for executing the test. You can choose any of them for running on Jenkins.

    How to properly launch the required environment for testing?

    You should prepare several windows build agents with installed all the software needed to run your app. These agents should be connected to Jenkins to be able to run the tests on them

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