What language and tool should be used to write tests for websites?

  • It is necessary to write certain tests for sites, including interaction with the page (clicking on a button, checking for the existence of an element, checking the text inside an element, scrolling the page), all this must be done sequentially and at certain intervals.

    I started with Selenium webdriver + node.js, I have been suffering with it for two weeks. Finding and validating elements is terribly complex, and the code becomes cumbersome in just a couple of steps.

    I read that they use the same Selenium but with Java and this seems to be better, is it?

    What kind of tools would you recommend to use?

  • Junior Test Automation

    Finding and checking items is awfully hard

    I advise you to start by studying page locators, if you don't have time - use Selenium Builder (extension for FireFox) to find elements.

    If possible, agree with the developers to assign IDs to unique elements and use them as locators. If ID is not possible, then the alternative is CSS locators or XPath (More CSS locators and XPath).

    The code becomes cumbersome in just a couple of steps.

    The solution is page object pattern. Better use Selenium + Python + PyTest + OOP, the tests are as readable as possible.

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