.travis.yml - What is this file for?

  • It's not the first time I've come across the .travis.yml file in the source code of the libraries. I realized that he is related to testing, Travis CI and github. Can you tell us in detail how this file works and what Travis CI does?

  • Travis-ci works with the github.com service, so the first step is to upload your project source code there. Except for minor technical settings (like installing hooks in a repository), the whole process is reduced to describing various options in the .travis.yml file. In it, you need to describe in what language the project is running, which versions of the language you need to use (everything is possible at once), the environment (here is an example of such a file for ruby). This file must be placed in the root of the github repository.

    If the configuration is successful, then travis-ci starts continuously testing the project, displaying the current status: red (there were problems during testing), yellow (there are warnings) and green (all tests were successful). In addition to the status, you can see: an error message or a warning if something went wrong; the last commit and its author; build history, etc. In general, the interface is quite informative and understandable. In addition, travis-ci will notify you of problems by email.

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