Element is not clickable at this point. Other element would receive the click

  • The exception is

    `WebDriverException: Message: Element is not clickable at point (548.xxxxxxxxx, 2xx.5). Other element would receive the click: <span class="regs2" style="" id="vtASRSettings_incompletetimeoutDiv" onclick="Bs_Objects[5].textboxEdit(true);"></span>`

    I have the following HTML code:

    <a title="Audio" href="javascript:document.forms[0].action='/PageEditor?ADC_TOKEN=F5TW-I6G7-8Q0Z-WR8A-45QE-ICUX-LCRM-FZJM&command=addSoundFileError&errorType=noSpeech';document.forms[0].submit();">Audio</a>

    My script code is

    Wait Until Element Is Visible         xpath=(//a[contains(text(),'Audio')])
            Click Link          xpath=(//a[contains(text(),'Audio')])

    Still faces the same error

  • Using xpath or css doesn't matter in this case. First of all find the element which would receive the click (@id='vtASRSettings_incompletetimeoutDiv'). If this element disappear afer some time just wait until element disappear. Sometimes it is necessary to move or scroll, but we can't say without seeing the problem. Would be great if you provide some screenshot.

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