How to Configure Appium on Mac OS?

  • Hi I have issues configuring and using Appium on Mac. Can you recommend some detailed step by step manual. I can not figure out all required steps. My problem is that I need quickly set up working environment.

    I installed Appium app. I configured server and started it. I don't see Appium session when try inspector. Also in my Appium App I can not run Appium-doctor, even I install it using terminal.

    I still not figure out where I have to use Appium Java client and Selenium stand-alone server.

    EDIT: I executed following steps.

    1. Installed Appium dmg
    2. Create .ipa
    3. Point that .ipa path in iOS config in Appium
    4. Uploaded app to iOS simulator.
    5. Set simulator UDID
    6. Start Server
    7. I see status 200 in the log
    8. Wehn I try to use inspector it give me error: "Could not launch Appium inspector". In the log - "could not initialize ideviceinstaller;"

  • Not sure If you have installed jDK/XCODE prior to installing appium. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

    1. Install Java JDK

    2. Configure JAVA HOME

      export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home)

    3. Install XCODE

    4. Install android SDK
    5. Configure ANDROID HOME
    6. Install Appium

    Here is the step by step guide for all above steps. Appium Download &Installation.

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