Jemmy strucked at clickMouse() when notification dialog with progressbar are displayed

  • During autotest execution ( lib is used to interact with Java GUI elements) address data is entered and button 'Search for address' is pressed. At some addresses notification dialog with progressbar are displayed:

    enter image description here

    Code of submitAddress function:

    public void submitAddress(JFrameOperator flsFrame) {
        // II
        JButtonOperator searchByAddressButton = new JButtonOperator(flsFrame, Chooser.chooseButtonByToolTipText("Открыть квартиру"));
        long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
        JTabbedPaneOperator tab = new JTabbedPaneOperator(flsFrame, 0);
        long time = System.currentTimeMillis() - start;
        System.out.println("\nAddress has not been found within " + time + "ms\n");

    When I set breakpoint on JtabbedPane initialization, execution pointer does not come to it untill I press OK on notification dialog. So the test is halting at searchByAddressButton.clickMouse();

    I tried to set following timeouts to 5000 milliseconds but it was in vain (full list of timeouts at😞

    • Test.WholeTestTimeout
    • ComponentOperator.WaitComponentTimeout
    • ActionProducer.MaxActionTime
    • DialogWaiter.WaitDialogTimeout
    • EventDispatcher.WaitQueueEmptyTimeout
    • EventDispatcher.WaitQueueEmptyTimeout
    • QueueTool.WaitQueueEmptyTimeout
    • QueueTool.LockTimeout
    • ButtonOperator.PushButtonTimeout
    • JProgressBarOperator.WaitValueTimeout

    using the following code:

    JemmyProperties.setCurrentTimeout("Test.WholeTestTimeout", 5000);

    As you see even the whole test timeout does not help to identify that test is strucked at searchByAddressButton.clickMouse();

    Any advices, suggestions?

    Temporary solution

    Set test execution timeout in test annotation

    @Test(timeOut = 30000)
    public void testOpenFlsTabs() throws Exception {

  • The solution is to use NoBlock operation (.pushNoBlock();, .pushMenuNoBlock("File|Open");) with manually set timer ComponentOperator.WaitComponentTimeout and checking for any new component that should appear in GUI:

    JemmyProperties.setCurrentTimeout("ComponentOperator.WaitComponentTimeout", 5000); // 5 seconds
    new JTabbedPaneOperator(flsFrame, 0);   // check that new object has appeared (in 5 seconds)

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