Can we generate unique distinct users for parallel tests in selenium?

  • Can we generate unique distinct users for parallel tests in selenium WebDriver and java?

    Suppose, in google create an account action I want to pass firstname, Lastname, Username & Password for different browsers.
    I was written script & when it was tried to run in parallelly on IE, Safari, FF & Chrome, It successfully runs on the single browser but for the 2nd browser, it shows for email Id -"Email already exists".
    This is right because we never create more accounts with the same ID.

    Now my question is:

    How to pass different inputs (strings) in same field textbox for different browsers to create an account.

    Suppose If we set an array with 4 input strings. should we take a random value from this array for different browsers?

    an array of multiple inputs  

    when we run the script in parallelly- for the first browser it should take Email1 -When the same script will run for the 2nd browser it should take email2 ..same for 3rd & 4th. Is it possible in Selenium with java? If Yes, How?

    Your answer is highly appreciated.

  • So what you are trying to do is have a script run on different browsers and want to register a user with a unique email address.

    Well, Google allows you to use single email address for such testing purposes with incremental characters appended to your ID. How this works is,

    You have a Gmail account say You can use this same account for testing purpose and register different unique users by appending "+" followed a character, string or number and then rest of the address ( For example, ...

    All the email conversations for each of these regisered user will go to, but the name and email will be the respective test account.

    Now, what you need to do is have a array of various email addresses in the format explained above.


    Write a loop to generate such email addresses with incremental numbers appended to the ID.

    Then, you can pass a different email address for each browser instance using a loop, or a conditional check. You can do something like,

    if(browser is FF) { pass }

    if(browser is IE) { pass }

    if(browser is Chrome) { pass }

    You can also have a loop that will rotate the browsers and at the same time generate a unique auto increment email and register a user. Some thing like,


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