How can I do performance testing of Mobile Application?

  • I have a task of testing a mobile application by manual testing.

    I have to do performance testing and also load testing for this application.

    So, how can I test it manually?

    Do I need to use any automation tools for it?

    Please suggest to me proper way for performance testing of mobile application.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Performance testing doesn't only mean many users hitting the same thing at the same time.

    There are various aspects of performance testing which you can opt to do manually.

    As you said you have to test a mobile application, you can test,

    1. Whether it works in the same seamless manner on a phone with low hardware, OS and memory configurations as it does on a phone with high memory and hardware or does it hang or get slow.
    2. How much battery does it consume? How much memory and CPU does it occupy?
    3. Does it get slow if used for a long time?
    4. Does it maintain a local database on the phone? If yes, does it get slow with increase in size of the database?
    5. If it requires internet connection how well does it work with slow network connections like 2G or bad WIFI?
    6. Have few applications open in background and then try to run your application. Does it hang or get slow?
    7. And so on...

    For load testing you can get the HTTP requests the app makes to a remote server and use tools like JMeter to generate a load of several users. But that's to test your host server and possible your applications interaction with the server under heavy load.

    Hope that helps!

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