Junior QA test task

  • In the test assignment for the Junior QA position, among other things, they were given the task to write test cases for an already finished product. Please tell me how to act more correctly. Look for errors, or can you not find existing bugs, but invent them yourself? After all, as far as I understand the meaning of this is not to find an error, but to see my understanding?

  • Junior QA Engineer

    It is better to check with the guys who gave you this assignment what they want and how it will be better. And if you are afraid to ask, you can find an unstable release of any Linux on the official sites, install it on vbox and go! You can start with graphics for example. But of course it's better to clarify

  • I can guess based on the cases that we gave to our testers. (We really wrote a special application for this, with bugs, and gave it to testers, but that's the case). The tester's goal is not to find bugs (strange as it may sound), but to test the functionality. Accordingly, the test case does not have to find a bug (especially if it does not exist), it must check that the entire application works as it is intended. A trivial option for authorization:

    • Open authorization
    • Drive in the name
    • Drive in a digit
    • Drive in a name of 70 thousand characters
    • Drive in "nothing"

    And so on .. There may not be bugs here (and should not be), but the key idea is that the functionality works.

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