Import TestNG results from Jenkins to ALM

  • I have Jenkins on localhost, configured test project, which is generating passed test:

        public void aFastTest() {
            System.out.println("---- ---- ----");
            Assert.assertTrue(true, "Test is true");

    Console output is OK in Jenkins:

    Results :
    Tests run: 1, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Skipped: 0

    For import to ALM I'm using

    In Jenkins Job configuration I have in Post-build Actions - Upload test result to ALM, set:

    Testing result file: **/testng-results.xml

    And finally my problem - in the end of Jenkins console log is:

    INFO: 'Upload test result to ALM' Post Build Step is being invoked.
    INFO: No Test Report found.
    INFO: 'Upload test result to ALM' Completed.

    I thought, the path to testing result file is wrong, so I copied it everywhere, in testng-results.xml is valid result, compared to examples on net...Anyone know why there is No Test Report found?

  • HP Automation jenkins plugin is searching for testng-results.xml inside bilds/buildid folder. So write below shell script and give Testing result file as **/testng-results.xml to fix this issue.

    Execute Shell Command:

    cp path_of_testng_resuls/testng_results.xml .jenkins/jobs/${JOB_NAME}/builds/$BUILD_ID

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