How to run Jmeter scripts from Jenkins on JRE?

  • Please tell me how to run Jmeter script from Jenkins using JRE, not JDK. The system variables contain the path to the JRE. But when run from Jenkins, the JDK is included.

  • Junior Test Automation

    The JMeter developers recommend using the JDK as it may not work properly when run from the JRE.

    Because JMeter uses only standard Java APIs, please do not file bug reports if your JRE fails to run JMeter because of JRE implementation issues.

    In addition, the JDK (keytool that is in it) is required to write HTTPS:

    Although you can use a JRE, it is better to install a JDK as for recording of HTTPS, JMeter needs keytool utility from JDK.

  • Jenkins has its own mechanisms for working with variables, for example, here:


    or using the EnvInject plugin

    Unfortunately, there are not enough details in your question (where the path to the JDK is given, this is a freestyle job or Jenkins pipeline, how exactly JMeter is started)

    The easiest way is to hard code the path to JRE / bin / java where you start JMeter


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