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    ExampleCompany - is a leading QA services company providing a full suite of QA testing services to help you release better software faster.

    With a team of over 800 engineering experts located in both offshore and nearshore locations, it has been providing software testing services to help Fortune 500 companies and startups since 2000. A few of its clients include Ford, Oracle, Prudential, eBay, Target, Facebook, and IBM.

    Our Team Offers Multiple Software Testing Services:

    • Functional Testing
    • Mobile Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Automation Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Localization Testing
    • Performance Testing

    Our Experts Use the Following Software Testing and QA Tools:

    • Selenium
    • SoapUI
    • Postman
    • Appium
    • Java
    • TestComplete
    • JIRA
    • JMeter
    • TestLink
    • Xcode
    • Fake GPS
    • TestFlight
    • Crashlytics
    • iMazing
    • Cucumber
    • Smartphone Test Farm

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