Quickest way to power rank?

  • So, right now in trove, I'm power level 312, but I'm wondering, what is the quickest way to get to power rank 400? I've got a shadow weapon, and 2 resplendent gear, and a quietly, but that only brings me to 312, with me also being level 14 and mastery 15. I'm trying to get into the shadow tower, but that requires me to be power rank 400. What is a great way to power rank? Get more shadow weapons? Loot collect more?

    I also can't get dragons, cause 1. I don't use money on trove 2. I'm trying to get the lunar dragon,

    And I can't waste flux. So, all I'm asking is, what is the fastest way to power rank?

  • Possibilities to increase your Power Rank


    • Add/Increase stats with Pearls of Wisdom (Expensive, and only gives you ~10 PR per Pearl)
    • Upgrade Weapons with Flux. Should be just done with Shadow equipment or above because you can't upgrade Resplendent items or below to the next rarity level. (Expensive)

    Conclusion: Full maxed and pearled Stellar Items give you 1k Power Rank each (3k Power Rank total)


    Gems are the way to go if you want to increase your PR. But, like everywhere, you need flux (+ dust) to increase your gems. Here a short guideline to Gems and increase if Power Rank:

    Small Gems:

    If your Power Rank is below 5k:

    1. Farm in the highest Uber you can get.
    2. Pick the Gems with the highest PR, ignore the stats.
    3. Upgrade these Gems until you can go into the next Uber.
    4. Once you can get into the next Uber, you get better gems.
    5. Repeat.

    Once you reach Power Rank 5000, you should start looking for the stats because until Power Rank 10000 you need a long time. And you want good stats to farm as fast and efficient as possible. (And be useful in shadow towers)

    Big Gems:

    Big Gems are very easy gettable, but time-gated. There are a few possbilities to get big gems:


    • Always make sure that you are with the contested class in the Top 25.000 because you are getting a Empowered Gem Box as reward. This could get problematic if you don't have the class. But if you have the class, it shouldn't be too hard. (Once per week)

    • There is also always another contest like Blocks placed, Blocks destroyed etc. and it is always random. A good thing about this contest is, that you can compete even without end-game equipment. Even if equipment like the Tank-Turtle etc. are making the contest easier, you always have a good chance. (Once per week)

    • Another way to get Empowered Gem Boxes is the Shadow Tower. If you kill the Daughter of the Moon in different difficulties you get lunar souls which you can exchange against Empowered Gem Boxes in the Shadowy Market at the end of every Shadow Tower. (Once per week)

    Normal: 1 Lunar Soul

    Hard: 2 Lunar Souls

    Ultra: 3 Lunar Souls

    Conclusion: Gems are the main part of your PR. The more you progress, the bigger is the part they are giving you. If you have full maxed stellar gems, they can give you around ~2k PR on the big Gems, and ~1,5k on the small ones. (~15k in total)

    [Note: Your class should be high enough to fill as much gem slots as possible. Gems you can't equip, don't give you PR.]

    Ring/Ally/Dragons etc.

    The following are nice to have, but not nessecary and not very important to increase your PR because their amount is very low, or not worth the effort just for PR. (But the stats etc. are nice and important for your character.)

    • Rings: You can get Rings to increase your PR. The maximum amount you can get from a Ring is ~400. I wouldn't recommend to get a Shadow 4 Ring JUST for PR because they are very expensive. (Flux PR ratio is bad)

    • Allys: Allys are also giving you PR. But it's not even worth mentioning because the maximum amount you get is 70. (Flux PR ratio is incredible bad)

    • Dragons: Dragon Buffs are giving you an okay amount of PR. I would recommend to get Dragons if you can, because the Magic find you get from finishing a dragon is very usefull, and the buffs in general too. (Flux PR ratio is okay)

    • Mastery: On some mastery levels you get a buff which increases your stats. I don't know how much it is because I already skipped these levels a long time ago. But it should be something around ~500 if you have all. (Not sure, don't rely on this information)

    [Note: Always keep a good balance between PR, and your power/strengh in general. If you are too weak to farm in higher ubers, focus on improving stats and gear.]

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