When was this quote from in Bioshock Infinite?

  • I just finished playing this game and I love the quotes from the Lutece Twins. I found this quote from here:

    Robert Lutece: I told you they'd come.

    Rosalind Lutece: No, you didn't.

    Robert Lutece: Right. I was going to tell you they'd come.

    Rosalind Lutece: But you didn't.

    Robert Lutece: But I don't.

    Rosalind Lutece: You sure that's right?

    Robert Lutece: I was going to have told you they'd come?

    Rosalind Lutece: No.

    Robert Lutece: The subjunctive?

    Rosalind Lutece: That's not the subjunctive.

    Robert Lutece: I don't think the syntax has being invented yet.

    Rosalind Lutece: It would have had to have had been.

    Robert Lutece: Had to have... had... been? That can't be right.

    I remember this quote from the game, but I can't figure out when it was said in the game. Can anyone tell me what chapter or general area it was told?

  • In Emporia, after Booker awakens in the crashed ship, we find the Lutece Twins plinking on a piano. During the cable car to board the car to Emporia proper, you will overhear that amusing conversation between the twins.

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