Do Drones Alert & Report Your Position To Their Sectopod?

  • There's been several times when I have seen Drones come into view and they have retreated out of sight again. Then a turn or two later I get shelled by the Sectopod. I'm fairly sure I've not seen the actual Sectopod & it's not seen any of my squad.

    Has anyone else had this happen?

  • I have observed this also. The Sectopod will sometimes just shell the area where you were spotted by some other alien. It even happened to me that I had already moved my guys away and the barrage hit the region my squad had been standing in the last turn.

    But I have the feeling that the Sectopods are a bit bugged (or maybe used to be up until the last update), with their positioning and visibility and also with being able to target them (sometimes they seem to hover between layers when they are standing on a roof for example), so whether it is a bug or a feature I can't tell!

    I have the impression that Sectopods can't be taken out by an overwatch trap easily exactly because they can hit you without being in your visibility range.

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